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Quote: all this that is more than a wish is a memory, all this that is ceases to be, all is revealed, the obvious door opens nothing, ending starts with answers- emily haines

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Hey, welcome to my Journal, please note that I keep my life posts f|o, if you would like to be added please comment in the entry :)! I will be posting everything related to Her Enigma public, so if your interested in my work don`t hesitate to add me!

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I was reading one of my friends post earlier and a comment on her picture made me sorta annoyed....

So just a thought for the men & some stuck up ladies out there :

Most women believe it or not do not wear make up because they want to be prettier some of us actually enjoy being creative with how we look, so next time you ask someone why it is that they wear make up when they are pretty without it, just think to yourself perhaps its a personal choice, a hobby even, rather then that said person trying to look pretty.

It's somewhat a stupid question, i mean do we go around asking you why your wearing pants when u look pretty with shorts? Or why you wear white when you look better in black?

All this to say that in the end if your ugly wearing all the make up in the world wont make u pretty, its about enhancing the beautiful features you already hold. not inventing features that don't exist people...
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